Second vlog from China! This saturday the weather was great, almost 30 degrees and sun, no rain at all! So we decided that we have to take advantage of that. Besides, in the two weeks that we’re here we didn’t have any time to do some sightseeing…and something had to be done about that! As we didn’t see anything in Guangzhou yet, we had plenty of things to choose from. We read a bit in our travel guide and decided to go to Shamian island. This is a very calm place, very different from the rest of the city. Just perfect! Then we went to photographic equipment martket. It actually appeared to be a shopping mall dedicated to photo equipment only. I didn’t film there because I figured it will not be interesting for anyone. And yes, we finally found some decent coffee!


Shamian island: Shamian island, Guangzhou, China. Metro: Huangsha, D exit.

Photographic equipment market: Dashatou Lu Photo Equipment market. Name in Chinese: 盛贤摄影器材城 English address: 24, Erma Road, Da Sha Tou, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou. Address in Chinese: 广州市越秀区大沙头二马路24号 Metro: Martyr’s Park.