It’s been a long time that I haven’t done a wishlist update! The last time I posted a wishlist it looked like this:

  1. GHD Hair Iron
  2. Remington Pearl Hair Iron. Actually I can’t decide between those two, the thing that I don’t like in GHD is that I can’t set the temperature. And that’s a huge disadvantage for me because I never style my hair at highest temperature
  3. Pretty everything from the new collection by Catrice
  4. Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentre. We have them in one pharmacy in my town and guess what…they’ve been sold out since january!
  5. MAC 165 brush. Old time limited edition, can’t find it anywhere!
  6. Maybelline Brightening Concealer. Heard so many good things about it!
  7. MAC Archie’s Girls Collection…it looks very interesting.

#1 and #2: finally I chose the ghd one, I bought the scarlet set with a travel hair dryer. I am still very happy about it! I did an unboxing and first impressions video and you can watch it here.

#3: I bought some stuff from this collection and I posted a review on some products: Catrice BB cream, new lipsticks, longlasting eye pencils. I’ve also done an unboxing and first impressions video.

#4: yeah my favorite moisturizer! I refilled my stash and I also bought the same cream in a fluid version, which is lighter and better for the summer. Love them!

#5: Nope, still can find it nowhere…

#6: Actually I forgot about this one :D which actually means it was not that important after all!

#7: finally there was nothing that seemed really interesting to me. Anyway, our relationship with MAC is on a stand-by right now.

So now it’s time for my new – updated wishlist!

  1. Is still MAC 165 brush, it looks so handy! It will be mine one day.
  2. The new Dior bronzer! It looks like this:
    dior bird of paradise bronzer

    Dior Diorskin Nude Tan Paradise Duo Summer Look

    It is such a gorgeous bronzer! I’ve tested it in Paris and absolutely loved it. But as we left in a couple of days I thought I could wait to buy it and it’ll be better (cheaper) to do so in a Duty Free shop in the airport. The thing I didn’t think about was that we left from Brussels airport and there there was only one shop with makeup. One! So no bronzer for me…I think I will just order it online :)

  3. I need an eye cream! I am thinking about trying out an Asian one like the one from Mizon or Laneige. Or just an Inoherb one…right :D
  4. I also need something for my face. Here in China I can’t use a cream with a ‘normal’ consistency because it’s too thick. I am using some miniatures from History of Whoo – they have very liquid texture and get absorbed quickly. Maybe I’ll just go with them.
  5. I just have to have one of those crazy Asian gadgets! I just have to decide which one: that helps penetrate cream better or the cleansing one or the pore sucking thing…:D

I think that’s just about it for now..not a lot actually! But I’ve just listed some essential (ahem ..:D) stuff.

What is on your wishlist?