The question of this week is:

I overtweezed my eyebrows so now they look uneven and ugly. What should I do?


First – don’t worry as anything can be fixed! To do that you’ll need the following: eyebrow pencil, eye brow shadow and some fixing gel or wax. So first you will recreate the shape using an eyebrow pencil. I am still happy with my Dior one but you can choose any one that you like, make sure it it soft enough not to hurt your skin and that the color is good for you. Then you can fill the gaps in using eyebrow powder, I think Anastasia eyebrow powders are the best ones. To fix the result use eyebrow gel (like elf eyebrow gel) or wax.

I also made a video on how to fix eyebrows so maybe it will be interesting for you to watch it. Good luck!

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