It’s been some time since I’ve written an update. The last time I wrote a bit about our first time in China and some general impression. This time I’ll tell you in details about our trip to Shamian island which is really cool. I already did a vlog about this island, I decided to show you some pictures, too.

It’s quite easy accessible by metro, but you can also get there by taxi. The taxi’s aren’t expensive in China: price starts at 1.25E for a ride. Right at the exit of the metro we found a very nice shopping mall. There are shopping malls everywhere in China but this one is really big, this is also kind of European style – plenty of little boutiques and a big Mopark inside.

shopping mall guangzhou shamian island photo

Me in front of it:

guangzhou china photo

Its design is quite modern and nice. Inside of it you’ll see some beasts:

The island itself is really calm and cool. It’s a real relax place in the middle of Guangzhou. So nice! It’s green and beautiful.

canton chine photo

Hihi a picture of me!

guangzhou china photo

That is probably one of the reasons we’ve seen at least 10 weddins photoshoots there!

shamian island photo


Also there was a street concert of traditional Chinese music. Certainly not the trendy side, but it was quite fun! Look at all the different instruments!

china photo

There’s also one of the best French restaurants in the city at the island, it’s called Orient Express. The food is delicious but comparatively price. The design is quite nice: on the outside, there are plenty of old style trains. On the inside, very elegant and classy. From time to time, there are French evenings there.

canton photo

The other day we decided to go to a market not far from this island: it promised to be an icredible sight. Well it is true that you can find a lot of different foods there: spices, meat, vegetables, nuts and other stuff. I was quite impressed. But make sure not to go too far in the side streets: sometimes the things you see are a bit…stressing.

 chinese market photo

And this is my second China update! Let me know your favorite places in Guangzhou or other Chinese cities if you’ve been there or say where you would like to go in China if you’ve never been there!