Today I’ll be talking about eye care. I bought this eye cream a couple of months ago so now I am ready to share my opinion on it with you! Tadaa, this is today’s hero:

galenic nectalys

Product description of Galenic Nectalys Smoothing Refreshing Eye Care:

Ultra-refreshing and draining Refreshing Smoothing Eye Cream smoothes fine lines and reduces the look of dark circles and puffiness.
Your eyes will be illuminated with new radiance.*

This cream comes in a 15 ml pump tube:

galenic nectalys eye cream

Product description and ingredients:

galenic nectalys eye cream

This cream has a light texture. It gets absorbed really fast.

galenic nectalys eye cream

In the beginning when I just started to use this cream, I used it only in the morning and I used my Clinique Anti Gravity at night. I felt some light irritation in the eyes but back then I thought it was my mascara which caused it. But right now that I’ve used up the cream from Clinique, I can tell you 100%: Galenic Nectalys doesn’t irritate my eyes or cause allergies but it does cause sand in the eyes. You know, little pieces of something that gather in the eye corners? And sometimes it can be really annoying. Besides that, it doesn’t hydrate my eyes at all. Frankly, I think my eyes are in worse shape now than they were before I started to use this eye cream. No lifting, no hydration, nothing. Too bad, I liked it a lot at first!

Overall note: D.


update: today I’ve been contacted by Galénic representatives. They’ve read my reviews and said to pass my critics to their labarotary department. I am really pleased to know that they care about us, the users of their products! So I figured that I have to share it with you. If only all the brands would do the same…