So last time I already started explaining about different ways of getting strong long (fake) nails. Now I am going to tell you about my experience with other kinds of polishes. But these are kinds of polishes that you apply over your natural nails, so you can’t make them longer.

1. Bio gel

This is a kind of gel that is similar to gel nails. The difference is in the ingredients, they say that it is healing for your nails and that it will make your nails stronger and enhance grow of your natural nails. Which is partially true: the gel coat is so hard that it prevents your nail from breaking. As a result, they go longer. But on my experience – it doesn’t heal nails or anything like that.


  • very strong
  • is better for your nails that normal gel
  • doesn’t chip off


  • might look bulky
  • you can’t make your nails longer
  • impossible to remove at home by yourself
  • you might need to exfoliate your nails before applying it

2. Shellac


On the picture above I’m wearing Shellac in Tropical. Shellac is an invention made by a well-known nail brand CND. It is very much the same as a normal nail polish: you apply base coat, 2 coats of color and then top coat. The difference is that you cure (dry) each coat under an UV lamp. It looks very much the same as a normal nail polish, but it’s very glossy. It stays that way for around 2 weeks. After that you can either remove it or just cover it with another nail polish, that’s what I often do and that way even the worst nail polish will hold for a long time.


  • looks very natural just like a normal nail polish
  • the finish is very glossy
  • lasts up to 2 weeks (it lasts really long on me, but I can’t wear it for more than 2 weeks because my nails get too long and there’s too much space between my cuticles and shellac which doesn’t look pretty)
  • you can remove it yourself at home
  • very flexible
  • you don’t need to preparate your nails before applying it


  • doesn’t last on some people
  • your nails might chip
  • you can’t make your nails longer


I don’t have a photo of those, but these are Shellac kind of polishes. Although, I would rather say they’re more like bio gel what refers to the thickness of your manicure. I’ve tried Axxium by OPI and other kinds of top coats but between these kinds I definitely prefer Shellac – it looks the most natural and lasts really a long time on me.

I hope this article was useful for you and I hope you enjoyed my manicure week!