Today I decided to write another nail article. I want to share my experience with you as I did with hair – my experience from all the procedures that I’ve tried, which is the best and so on. I will talk about false nails this time.

So if you want to have long strong nails but yours always break, you can solve this problem by getting false nails. There are several types of them:

1. False nails wraps

false nails

This is the quickest and easiest way to get long strong nails. You can buy a set of these in many shops and supermarkets, they are generally not expensive. The nails are pre-made, you can’t change the shape. What you can do is try to choose the best fitting form for every single nail.


  • easy to do by yourself at home
  • cheap
  • available in many different designs


  • they last about a week max
  • the shapes are standard
  • the look least natural of all

2. Acrylic nails

I don’t have my own photo of these as it has been a long time that I’ve had my acrylic nails. Normally you need to go to a professional to get these, but you can also do it at home if you have all the necessary components. Basically this is a special powder mixed with a special liquid that is applied on to your nails. It gets hard very quickly, these nails are really long-lasting.


  • most long-lasting nails, they last up to a month, then you need to do a correction
  • they are very strong and unbreakable
  • you can get them as long as you want
  • any design is possible


  • they look really thick and unnatural
  • normally you have to pay extra if you want to do some design
  • quite expensive
  • can damage your own nails

3. Gel nails

gel nails photo

These nails are slightly thinner than Acrylic nails. A special gel is applied onto your own nails and it is then dried with UV light. The nails are glossy and strong.


  • nails are thinner than acrylic nails
  • long lasting (up to 1 month)
  • you can make them as long as you wish, and any shape is possible
  • they are more flexible than acrylic nails


  • they don’t last on some people
  • are more breakable than acrylic nails
  • the designs normally cost some extra
  • price

Next time I will tell you about other ways of making your nails stronger.

Have you ever tried false nails?