This week is not the easiest for me: we moved to another apartment, where we don’t have Internet yet. That’s why I couldn’t upload third video this week. But if that was not yet enough, my pc decided that it was time to stop working. So the only choice left for me: write an easy-to-read article from my phone. So I decided to write about passion for makeup. I surely was not born with it. In the beginning I didn’t really care about makeup. But my mother played an important role there: she loves makeup. Often when I did my makeup (mascara and lipgloss) she told me something like: “You should add some eyeshadow there and there.” Bit by bit, I started to appreciate making myself beautiful. And when I discovered limited editions…I was lost. That’s where my true passion began to exist. It’s so exciting to wait for new products then to test them!

Of course, as a beauty blogger it’s my ‘duty’ to test out different products so that you would know which powder is the most mattifying, which cream will make you skin perfect and which eyeshadow you should use to make your eyes bigger. I am very thankful to you, my readers, that you support me by subscribing and leaving comments! I love chatting to you on the social networks and wanted to thank you!

With this being said, thanks a lot again, I hope everyone can find his hobby and passion! Have a great weekend!