Normally I upload videos on Monday, Wednesday and Friday but this week I can’t upload my Friday video due to my VPN problems – if you didn’t know YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and many other websites are blocked in China. Normally I use VPN and can still use them but not this week – as our VPN connection didn’t work. So I couldn’t upload this week’s video. New video will be up on Monday! And today I decided to do an article about makeup habits – just share my thoughts on it with you!

For me, I remove my makeup as soon as I get home. I just don’t feel comfortable wearing a lot of makeup when I’m at home. When I know I will not leave my house or I just don’t feel like wearing a lot of makeup – I only do like super-minimum makeup: I use brow powder, mascara, nude eye pencil on my waterline and lipgloss. Brows and eyelashes make my face and that way skin can breathe and get some rest. I think it’s important to let skin rest from makeup from time to time. Sometimes when I have more time I also do a mask – I love doing masks, I do them 3 times a week. Not the same kind of course. I love taking care of my skin!

I wash my face twice a day every single day – cleansing your skin is essential! I never do a face massage, I think a professional should do that.

Whether I have bad makeup habits…I don’t know. What I really don’t like and what I’m trying to get rid of is the face that I rub my eyes when I wake up. But it’s so hard to get rid of that! Because it happens when I’m only half awake so I don’t really control it. I am trying to think about it everyday though!

What are your makeup habits?