Lately my skin’s been feeling dry. Not even dry but slightly dehydrated due to the very hot weather and humid climate and I must say, I am not used to live in a climate like this. So my skin desperately needed some extra hydration and as I still have some masks from My Beauty Diary Christmas set that I haven’t tried yet I decided that today I’d go for Aloe Mask.

my beauty diary aloe mask

My Beauty Diary Aloe Mask product description:

My Beauty Diary Aloe Mask provides hydration and nourishments for skin. It is ideal for all skin types, especially dry and damaged skin.

Hydrate and repair skin: Natural aloe extracts contain various vitamins which provide hydration and nourishment for skin. Rose essence is contained to repair dry and rough skin.

Revitalize and nourish skin: Seaweed-yeast complex contains rich amino acid and microelements to nourish skin. Hyaluronic acid extracted by biological technology is an efficient hydrating ingredient, allowing watery and smooth skin.

Amazing Nanospheres Technology: Structured with plenty of tiny holes, it enhances absorption of nourishment, leaving skin moisturized.*

Like all the other My Beauty Diary masks that I’ve tried, this is a sheet mask. I love this concept so much! You don’t have to worry your mask will get spoiled in a bottle or tube, you apply it and throw it away after the usage. Perfect!

This one has a nice neutral smell. After application it feels directly moisturizing and softening. My skin felt lovely in this mask!

Photo time! This is a before picture:

my beauty diary aloe mask photo

And here is the result:

my beauty diary aloe mask photo

Overall opinion:

This mask works pretty well, my skin definitely felt hydrated and smooth. Also, before this mask my skin looked red and tired, after it looks much calmer and evened out. I like it a lot! It’s too bad the effect was gone after a couple of hours: my skin felt dehydrated again.

Overall note: B+.

Where can you buy it: