Beauty from the inside…why is it so important not only to take care of your your skin on the outside but also on the inside? You see, no matter what you apply on your face, it will have absolutely no effect if the problem is inside of your body and you don’t cure it. That is why it is really important to take care of your skin and body on the inside.

Ever since I was little, I’ve had hair problems: its structure was always damaged and not silky and my hair grew really slow. When I grew older another problem added on top of it: hair loss. At some point it was really bad so I decided to go see a hair doctor: she did some tests and came to conclusion that I was losing hair due to a number of reasons: stress, bad ecology, lack of sleep and vitamins. Nothing serious (luckily), yet annoying. I decided to start taking vitamins and have been doing it ever since.

For the case you didn’t know yet: you always have to take vitamins for longer than 3 months, otherwise it will have no sense of taking them. That’s why I bought 4 packages of Oenobiol anti-chute anti hair loss vitamins. There are 60 capsules in each package, you have to take 2 capsules per day: so I had enough for 4 months. So I took them for 4 months and then took a break. Here’s how the box looks like:

oenobiol anti hair loss photo

The Oenobiol Hais loss hair care promise to stop hair loss and promote hair grow. Sounds nice!

The capsule is quite small and easy to take in:

oenobiol anti chute photo

My opinion:

They are definitely not the worst vitamins I’ve ever tried. At least, I didn’t have any nausea while taking them (yep I’ve experienced that once). My hair did stop to fall out – but maybe that was just because the seasonal fallout stopped by itself, I’m not sure. What I did see was a number of little new hairs – and that is definitely a positive point.

Overall note: B.

Where you can buy it:

In every pharmacy in France. If you’re elsewhere, try online shopping: here. These are the first two links that I found, I’ve never ordered there before.


oenobiol anti chute ingredients photo