Summer is a vacation time, it is the time to enjoy every second of the sun, good weather. I want to spend all day outdoors, enjoy the nature, my family and all the good stuff in life. But we are girls and we always want to look perfect or at least good. But here’s the dilemma: repaint your nails, do your makeup or go outside for a walk. I try to spend the least time possible on all that. As for the nails, I don’t want to repaint them every 3 days (nail polishes start chipping very soon on me) and that pushed me to find another solution. What I found is that you can either use shellac or gelish (if you don’t know what that is, shellac is a special kind of nail polish that has to be dried under an UV lamp, it makes it very shiny and it lasts up to three weeks! After that time, your nails are too long and you’ll have to repaint them anyway) or bio gel or just gel. Don’t mix it up with false nails: when you do false gel nails, you lengthen your own nails. The gel that is used is normally different than bio gel and your nails are very hard and look quite thick. Bio gel is applied over your own nails and looks quite natural (just like a normal nail polish). So what you get is a good looking manicure that lasts up to three weeks! Perfect isn’t it? I love french because it looks perfect with any kind of outfit, so for my nails I chose french manicure.

bio gel photo

And this is a perfect solution if you want a perfect manicure that will last long! I am sure you’re asking yourself if it harms your own nails in any way. No it doesn’t! If your nail artist uses good quality materials I will tell you even more: your nails will grow! Oh by the way, here are my new pink dumbbells! I love this color hihi!

dumbbell nails photo

I am very happy with my nails, they fell very natural and are elastic, not too hard. If I get bored with french I can just apply any normal nail polish over it. If you are wearing a bio gel of good quality, you can apply nail polish over it, remove it and reapply another nail polish. Perfect isn’t it? On my toes I’m wearing also a kind of long-lasting nail polish. I love this intense bright Barbie pink!

manicure pedicure photo