In the summer a sunscreen is an essential product. It protects your skin not only from sun burns but also from early aging, pigmentation. Before I didn’t pay much attention to those products and I still believe that for European summer a humble SPF 10-15 is more than enough. aBut it is different for China and its subtropical climate so I decided to purchase a ‘real’ sunscreen to test it. My choice fell on Bioderma Photoderm AKN Mat SPF 30.

bioderma photoderm akn mat photo

What I didn’t like about sunscreens was their greasy texture, glowy effect and kind of whitish finish. I hoped for this product to be different. I like Bioderma, the most part of the products I’ve tried from this brand are really good besides the name speaks for itself: this it suppose to be a mattifying fluid. Here is the product’s description:

bioderma photoderm akn mat description

My opinion:

This is a white cream with a thick texture. I would definitely not say that it is light and invisible, it penetrates skin quite easily but sometimes leaves a film on the skin. It is also definitely not matte: maybe in the cooler climate it would have been, but definitely not in the subtropical climate where it gives a wet finish. It also whitens my face (which I don’t like). Sometimes I use it instead of a day cream because I feel like it gives me enough hydration: that way my skin looks and feels good. I also have a suspicion that it clogs my pores.

Overall note: B.


bioderma photoderm akn mat ingredients

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