Today I’ll be talking about blush. And no, not just a blush. Today I’ll show you the blush for this and every summer! They are perfect: hyper pigmented, bright but soft at the same time, sweet, pink…Ladies and gentlemen, let me present to you: Bobbi Brown Blush in Peony 16.

bobbi brown blush peony 16 photo
First just a couple of words about packaging: it’s quite simple, just some basic black plastic, no mirror. Nothing special here. The blush’s texture is nice: they’re very pressed and pigmented, you only need a tiny little bit to be blushed and beautiful. They’re universal, too: you can apply this tiny bit and blend it out very well with a big fluffy brush for a natural effect. Or you can go for a brighter cheek and apply a bit more. Or you can just apply a lot. And be a Barbie. Whatever you want!

bobbi brown blush peony 16 photo

I have to mention that this blush is very long-lasting. Once applied on your face, they’ll stay there. No smudging, no disappearing. You’ll be pleased to remove them from exactly the same spot you applied them in the morning. Great quality!

bobbi brown blush peony 16 photo

And of course the shade. Peony is a bright pinkest pink. This is a cool-toned blush. I think Barbie would like them, too. So do I: this blush is gorgeous, for any season but for the summer in particular. As I said before, you can either make them sweet and natural or apply a bit more and go for a nice pink accent on your cheeks. Oh this is a matte blush by the way. I prefer matte products anyway, they’re much more universal as you can always apply some highlighter/shimmer on the top.

bobbi brown blush peony 16 photo

My opinion:

A great product of great quality, very long-lasting. Peony is a beautiful pink shade. Must-have for everyone!

Overall note: A.

Here’s a before photo. I did my eyes makeup of course and on my face I’m wearing Mentholatum BB Cream, Dior powder, Maybelline concealer, Guerlain bronzer.

annabeautybox photo

Here I applied Bobbi Brown Blush in Peony 16:

bobbi brown blush peony 16 photo

Where you can buy it:


Have a great weekend! Muah!

bobbi brown blush peony 16