Sometimes you hear people saying judging words about girls “she is so fake!” It were always different people saying this and always different people about who this was being said. This made me thinking: what is this that causes such reactions in people? I decided to write this article and share my thoughts with you.

Every girl dreams of beautiful long hair, white teeth, strong nails and perfect body. Girls do all kind of stuff to try and reach this ideal mrs Perfect. We all do sports, take care of our skin, do beauty procedures but girls go further. Some do extensions of all kinds, others do fillers and there are women that go even further and decide to do a surgery. All this haunting this beauty ideal. I think every person has its own beauty standards and we all want to be the most beautiful and fit. But how far do you want to go? And why do some call others “fake”? What is it that makes people think that you’re fake?

barbie fake beauty

How fake is “fake”? *

Many girls love Barbies. They are perfect: long legs, thin waste, beautiful hair, white teeth, big eyes. But in real life being called a Barbie has a somewhat negative sense. At least to me, being called a Barbie is almost equal to being called fake. I am not againt surgeries or other beauty stuff, me I did hair, lash and nail extensions. I do not think that it is bad per se, what I do think is that there shouls be a balance. I think that all the girls in this planet should know that they’re beautiful from themselves and if they want to be “better” – it’s fine. What I think is wrong is the will to be like somebody else. If you want longer hair – it’s OK, but if you want hair exactly like some star – you should ask yourself a question: why do you want that? Isn’t it better to just change your hair and choose hair style and color that will suit you best?

If you want to be noticed and be different from the others -it’s fine, too. But believe me, you don’t have to have longer-than-longest or nails stronger-than-strongest for that. Just make sure you look neat and that you enhance your natural beauty, if you want to. I am sure that will look 10000 times better!

Love yourself, have respect for yourself and everyone will love you. And remember: balance is our everything!

*Image source: Google images (“Barbie”)