Sometimes there are days when we just feel…bad. Nothing goes like planned, you’re just not in the mood or maybe someone or something spoiled a day that started so well. It’s ok, we all have that kind of days. Even the most beautiful, the richest, the thinnest, smartest, kindest people have that kind of days.

So, what can you do about it? First step is to be frank with yourself. Stop denying that it’s ok, that everything is fine. Believe me, the sooner you tell yourself that it’s a bad day, the sooner it’ll be over.

Now that you agreed that you’re not at your best today, let’s do something about it! Think of positive stuff…no. Think rather of the worst-case scenario, compare it to the present. You see it’s not that bad! I bet you’re feeling better already! And now let’s turn to the positive stuff, think about something positive: nice memories, first kiss, spa procedure, shopping, whatever makes you feel good! Think of people that are close to you, send them a nice message. Share your positive emotions with people and you’ll see they’ll share it back! Instead of focusing on something negative, focus on the positive stuff. Only you can decide what you want to think about so you have to make the right choice! It’s hard in the beginning but it gets easier as you go. Keep your head up, tomorrow will be better than today! You know, in the moments like this I always think that these sad days are a blessing. You know why? Without the sad days, you can never learn to appreciate the good days, people, emotions…so enjoy being sad and enjoy being joyful the day after that even more! You’re the princess of your kingdom Mood, rule it wisely.

To finish up, here are some positive images for you:*

Also, I’m watching camels whenever I feel sad. They’re such great and funny animals!

* Source: Google images (“positive thinking”, “funny camel”).