Normally I post answers to your questions on Sundays but as this week there were no questions, I decided I would do another article. I needed to extend my visa in china and was looking for the information all over the Internet but unfortunately I couldn’t find something exact. Besides I always see that kind of questions on forums so I decided to post an article on how to extend your visa in China!

Good news: you don’t have to go to Hong Kong for that, you can do it in your city. I will tell you specifically about Guangzhou but I’m surely many cities have services like that. A place where you can extend your visa in Guangzhou is called “Entry and Exit Administration Division of Guangzhou (广州市公安局出入境大厦)“.

Adress of Entry and Exit Administration Division of Guangzhou (广州市公安局出入境大厦):

N 155, Jiefang Nan Lu,Yuexiu District, Guangzhou

In Chinese: 广东省广州市越秀区解放南路155号

Metro: Haizhu Square, Exit B2 (地铁 : 海珠广场).

List of documents you’ll need to extend your visa in China:

  1. Your passport
  2. Your registration (you have to register yourself at your local police office at arrival. I didn’t find any information about the time though. Some says it should be done within 24 hours after arrival, some within 72, some within a week. I did it the same evening).
  3. One photo (a special one! With a special document. You can do it at the same building)
  4. One filled visa extension form (you can fill it in there, too).

How to get to Entry and Exit Administration Division of Guangzhou (广州市公安局出入境大厦):

You take metro Haizhu Square exit B2. You walk straight ahead, then cross the street and turn to the right. On your left side there’ll be ‘Onelink’ shopping mall. You go straight ahead until you see the building with lions on its walls. There you are!

Entry and Exit Administration Division of Guangzhou.*

Entry and Exit Administration Division of Guangzhou

Visa extension process step by step:

  1. So you enter this building and go directly to the 1st floor (2d Chinese floor). There in the corner you’ll see a door with a sign “photo” on it. Go in there and make the photos. It costs 33RMB. They’ll give you the photos and a special registration document. If you already did this before and have your photos, you still have to go there to get your registration document. You have to show them your photos, pay 10RMB and they’ll give you this document.
  2. Then you go to the third floor to a room with computers. There you’ll have to fill in the visa extension form. Ladies will help you. After you’re done, note your extension form number!
  3. Then you go to the 5th floor, take a ticket for “visa application document check”. Wait for the queue, then the lady or a young man will check your your documents. If everything’s fine, she (or he) will give you back your documents with a new ticket and a card. With this card you’ll be able to go to a special room on the same floor. There you have to wait for your turn. A worker will check your documents and give you a paper.
  4. With this paper you can go to any ABC bank (Agricultural Bank of China) to pay for your visa. You can go there on the next working day after your application. You come to a bank, show this paper to someone there and they’ll give you a ticket. You wait and then pay for your visa.

How to pick up you visa?

On the paper you were given you’ll see a date when your visa will be ready. You’ll have to go back on this date to Entry and Exit Administration Division of Guangzhou (广州市公安局出入境大厦). You go directly to the fifth floor, take a ticket for “passport collection”. You wait till its your turn and you’re done!

A couple of other moments:

How many entries to choose?

While filling in the extension form you can choose between zero entries, one entry etc. The choice is yours but I suggest to do the following: if you’ll have enough on one month of extension and you’re not planning to leave china, choose for zero. If you’ll have to stay longer and you’ll have to go to Hong Kong, I would choose one entry. This way, if you go to Hong Kong and your visa is be refused, at least you’ll be able to come back to China and pick up your stuff before coming back home.

How much does it cost?

The price for a 1 month extension with 1 entry is 160RMB.

How much time does it take?

To apply – one hour max. To pay for your visa application may take up to three hours, the queues in the bank can be huge. Your visa will be ready in 7 – 11 days.

Good luck and if you have any questions ask me!

*source: Google images (“广州市公安局出入境大厦“).