I love doing peelings for my skin, after them I feel like I’m reborn! So I always have at least one exfoliating peeling in my skincare stash. I showed inoherb exfoliating peeling in one of my haul videos, where I said that this product was a bit weird as it started to peel off directly after application and sticked to my face. Have I changed my opinion? Find out now!

inoherb efxoliating gel photo
So what is Inoherb exfoliating gel supposed to do? Basically, it is supposed to gently peel off your skin and renew it.

My opinion:

I’ve been using this product at least once a week now and I’ve used up a bit more than half of the tube. It still sticks to my face and I don’t understand why but I must say that I do appreciate its effect. I will not go into details about its working, in my haul video I showed this product and did a close up on its texture. In three words: it’s a very light gel that starts to peel off directly after application. I do see the effect though: my pores are cleaner and my skin feels soft and smooth. No deep pore cleansing which is too bad but at the same time, this is not what this product is meant for. All in all, not bad especially considering the price (it’s about 10€).

Overall note: B+.

Not an ‘A’ because of sticking.

Photo before (my skin doesn’t look too well right now, I’ve had breakouts and mosquitos seem to like my skin, too):

inoherb efxoliating gel photo

After inoherb exfoliating gel:

inoherb efxoliating gel photo IMG_2773_zps10f4b402.jpg

Where you can buy it:

In China this brand is practically everywhere: in all the supermarkets (Carrefour, Vanguard), Watsons and Mannings. I’m not sure you can buy it somewhere else.