Do you remember last time I wrote an article about online makeovers? This post is kind of alike except for that now I found a great app specially for the Apple lovers among my readers! Using this app, you can change your hair color and hair cut! There are a lot of different models for short, medium and long hair and including the newest trends! The app is called hair wizard. It’s really easy: you upload a picture and feel free to to whatever you want. You can also change one of the models’ hair if you don’t have any pictures of yourself. I found only one disadvantage: I don’t like the blonde colors because even the platinum ones look yellowish.

Here are my creations:

I like this hairdo the most (because it looks more like my own hair, haha, and I like my own hair color and hair style):

annabeautybox hair photo IMG_0978_zpsbdc333f2.jpg

Ombre hair. Frankly, I don’t understand why it got so popular: to me it just looks like you’re trying to grow your own hair color after you’ve dyed it blonde…

ombre hair photo IMG_0982_zps10eb3392.jpg

Blondie with a touch of pink!

try different hair do on yourself photo IMG_0976_zps2fe98d99.jpg

Platinum blonde (at least it’ supposed to be platinum). The hair cut and hairdo are ok.

hair do photo IMG_0975_zpsd3a3ab0b.jpg

A new trend: pinkish purple hair.

makeover app photo IMG_0974_zps1c7fd390.jpg

Dark brunette:

makeover online photo IMG_0973_zps2ca877d2.jpg

Have fun experimenting!

Hair style wizard in iTunes