I’ve been talking about this bronzer many times already. I didn’t know this brand before but someone gifted it to me and I fell in love! P+cos is a Korean professional makeup brand. It’s too bad that I’ve never seen it on sale in China before but I am sure that when I do, I will buy some other products because I am in LOVE!

p+cos professional bronzer photo

The packaging is quite classy: it is solid and there is a big mirror inside. There was also a sponge but it was more of a joke than a real one so I threw it away directly. The bronzer itself is a baked bronzer but is quite soft at the same time, if you touch it with a brush many product will come off.

p+cos professional bronzer photo

My P+cos bronzer is in No.4 Brown Light: It has different colours mixed in it and I think it really looks quite pretty!

p+cos professional bronzer photo

The color is a medium soft warm brown with a golden shimmer and tiny golden glitters. It is just perfect for in the summer as a blush! The color really makes me more pretty, bronzed – I really love it a lot!

p+cos professional bronzer brown light photo DSC05359_zps36b91e15.jpg

The quality is perfect too: the bronzer is very soft and quite pigmented. It blends easily and lasts for at least 8 hours. I circled the area where I applied it so you can see it better:

p+cos professional bronzer photo

And here I’m wearing it instead of a blush! That’s exactly the way that I prefer wearing it: I apply it on the right line from my ears down almost towards my mouth.

p+cos professional bronzer photo

Here another picture:

FOTD bronzed photo

My opinion:

This is a product of a great quality, quite pigmented and long-lasting. The color ‘Light Brown’ looks really pretty on my fair skin. I love using it instead of a blush: it looks seducing with shimmer, I don’t even need to use a highlighter when I wear this product.

Overall note: A.

Where can you buy it:

Frankly…I don’t know. This was a gift from someone and I do not know neither how much it costs nor where you can buy it – in Korea for sure but where else? If you know, let me know!