You’re reading this post probably because you need a product that will make your foundation last longer, will erase pores, attach foundation to your face as if it is your second skin and just make your face look perfect for this special event. Well, I have some good news for you: you just found it. May I present you the YSL Matt Touch Primer!

ysl touche mate photo

Description of YSL Matt Touch Primer:

A triple-action primer that does it all; smoothes skin’s texture, brightens the complexion and delivers a flawless, matte finish for lasting makeup wear. The velvety formula is created with unique Spherical Micro-powders that help control oil, while radiance-boosting pigments hide imperfections and brighten shadowy areas. The result: porcelain-perfect skin with a comfortable matte look and feel that lasts all day. Foundation smoothes on evenly and effortlessly, and won’t fade by five. Perfect for touch-ups any time of day. For all skin types.*

The description sounds really good doesn’t it? I was just like you, looking for a product that would make my not so perfect face look perfect. A nice lady at the YSL counter adviced me to take this primer and try it on my skin. I liked the texture at once: it sure is smooth and velvety, glides really easily over the skin. This primer contains surely lots and lots of silicones. The primer is white but turns transparent once applied on the skin and blended out.

ysl matt touch touche mate photo

And once blended it really does wonders. You don’t see it on the skin but you do see the effect: I tried to show you, look at the circled area: it looks pore-less, perfectly photoshopped. Well I surely didn’t touch it, I just applied YSL Matt Touch and blended it out. And this is exactly what it does for the skin: it ‘blends out’ the pores, makes them invisible, makes the skin look perfect and flawless. Foundation lasts longer and applies easier. It also does a great job at matufying your face: frankly this is the winner for me! If you need to, you can apply just a tiny bit of this primer over the T zone over the makeup just as a little touch-up. It will not make your foundation look cakey, it will disappear and make it look even better.

ysl mat photo

My opinion:

Well all the good stuff being sad: it erases the pores, makes the skin look perfect, flawless, the foundation lasts longer, it does a great job at mattifying…there is one huge disadvantage for me: it clogs the pores. So for me, this is not a product to be used daily. For a special occasion – yes, certainly! But not for every day.

Overall note: A-.

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