So we’ve spent almost two weeks in this beautiful city and now it’s time to say goodbye! Too bad I hope to return here one day, I loved it a lot! By the way, I did film a couple of things but I am not sure it will be enough for a whole video so I’m not sure I will upload it. Anyways, I will film a Hong Kong haul as I’ve bought some pretty interesting stuff here! Hong Kong is a true paradise for shopaholics, you can find pretty anything here. Especially if you like Asian makeup and skincare brands!

Oh by the way. Remember I was wondering why Asian women are so thin and their bodies are tight? Well I think I found out the secret! Actually it’s quite boring and simple. Nothing new here again and yet it’s the only thing that works: to lose weight you have to eat less! So what we see a lot in Asia is that people order a menu for example and share it! So like that you eat less. Nice tip actually if you’re trying to lose weight: order one menu meal with your friend instead of two and share it!

Speaking about food. You know that I love food and I can do absolutely nothing about it? So here you can find a lof of nice fun places to eat! We discovered a nice Mongolian BBQ restaurant. It was delicious! First you can choose an entrée and then you choose your meat, vegetables or you can make your own pizza. Yum!

nomads hong kong

I went for a delicious chicken with vegetables!

chicken vegetables bbq

The place is called Nomads, its decor is quite fun too: with animals fur and helmitson the walls:

nomads hong kong decor

So as for shopping you can find a lot of stuff at Sasa stores which are practically everywhere, at Bonjour or Mannings. Some brands have also their own stores like this one, it is Etude House and I found the design very cool!

etude house hong kong

We’ve also been to musea: the Hong Kong museum which was really nice to see and the Science museum which I prefer personally. I love science and everything that has to do with it!

So this is it for today, I really enjoyed staying in Hong Kong and I hope to come back there some day! But for now: bye bye Hong Kong!