First message from Hong Kong! We arrived yesterday and I can say one thing: I love it! It’s such a wonderful mix of Western and Asian cultures! Well but ok, I’ll talk to you about Hong Kong later, now is the time for my newest beauty lipstick: Chanel Rouge Coco 57 Mystique.

We were walking around in our disctrict and I must say that there’s no lack of shopping malls here. I wasn’t planning on buying anything but I just simply couldn’t resist when I saw that the new collections were already available. I was quite surprised when I saw lots and lots of glitters everywhere! Like all the brands have at least one or more glittery pieces! It is a paradise who girls who love glitter. I like some subtle glow now and then but like separate glitters? No, not for me. So I decided to go for some classic nice products by Chanel!

 chanel fall 2013

Chanel Rouge Coco: packaging and design

chanel rouge coco 57 mystiquechanel rouge coco 57 mystique photo

Nothing new here: everything is as great as usual, classy carton box with the lipstick inside.

chanel rouge coco photo

Rouge Coco line comes in a nice black tube with a golden ring in the middle.

chanel rouge coco 57 mystique photo

Rouge Coco 57 Mystique

This is how the lipstick itself looks like:

chanel rouge coco 57 mystique

Normally I never buy Chanel Rouge Coco lipsticks because I think they’re kind of dry. I prefer the Rouge Allures which have generally a nicer, softer texture. But this lipstick has a nice and creamy texture, it applies easily, doesn’t dry my lips out (I could even wear it without a lip balm) and stays on for quite some time.

chanel rouge coco 57 mystique

Mystique is a well-pigmented orangy peachy coral with a shiny finish.

My opinion:

When I saw the promo photo of this collection, my first thought was that the model’s hair and eyes and skin have more or less the same tone as I do. I loved the makeup she was wearing so I asked the lady who was working at the counter what she was wearing. She told me she was wearing Rouge Coco Mystique, I swatched it and fell in love with this color! It really is perfect for me. What the refers to the quality, I am pleasantly surprised as the lipstick is less dry than I expected it to be, I would even say it’s hydrating, it’s quite long-lasting. And of course, the quality is really nice.

Overall note: A.

Where you can buy it:


Now the photos! Here are my bare lips:

chanel photo

Here I’m wearing Chanel Rouge Coco 57 Mystique (no lipliner):

chanel rouge coco 57 mystique photo


And here’s the photo of my face (I also wear one of the new cream blushes here):

chanel le blush creme de chanel 62 presage rouge coco mystique