I think every girl has had a situation when you didn’t sleep a lot (or at all) but have to absolutely look well-rested and gorgeous in the morning. Think of situations like you were preparing a presentation for half a night and you have this important meeting at work or you were preparing for an exam through the night or just situations when you have to get up early on Monday and your Sunday didn’t end up being cosy at home…Today I will share my tips with you on how to look well-rested in the morning!So, your alarm is going off. You would love to rest in bed for just a minute longer but no! You have to get up! Here is what helps me to feel myself better:

  • Take a shower, a cold one or contrast one! I like washing my hair on these days too because I feel like I’m renewed and I clear my head whenever I wash my hair (funny fact). Listen to your favorite music, give your body the opportunity to wake up.
  • Drink some…no, not coffee. Or tea. Treat yourself with a tasty freshly squeezed juice: it is plenty of vitamins and will make you feel better instantly! You can start loading yourself up with coffee later.
  • Eat something! Don’t skip this step because you will need the energy! But try not to eat too heavy food or too much because that way all your energy will go into digestion.
  • Ok so you are feeling better already. Now it’s time to ‘fix’ your looks! Most importantly are the eyes. Puffy red eyes will tell everyone that you’re not rested. So use eye drops! They’ll mosturize your eyes, remove rednesses and help you get rid of that ‘heavy’ feeling in the eyes. Then apply a lifting eye cream and eye stickers if you have them. I discovered this Asian trick recently and I love it as it works really well! I’ll explain in details what it is in one of coming posts.
  • Don’t forget about concealer to get rid of dark under eye circles!
  • Another secret is using a highlighter on your cheek bones, in the inner eye corners…it will make your skin look more glowy and fresh!
  • For cheeks and lips go for neutral pink tones: they will make your skin look fresher and younger!

I hope these tips will be useful for you and will make you last until you can rest up and get some sleep :) Good luck!