Sometimes I just feel struck by an idea and then I go chasing around for that specific product that got into my head. So mostly these are impulse ‘I-want-it-right-here-right-now’ kind of things and lately I got struck by this idea that I desperately need a hot pink lipstick with a blue undertone. But I wanted it the bluer the better! So I went searching around for it. Frankly I chose the bluest blue color and the lady vendor had her doubts when I showed her the color I want but I frankly didn’t care at the time. So I bought a Maybelline Neo Nude lipstick! Then when I came home and tried it out…I was disappointed. By the color. I started to search for this new Neo Nude line but didn’t find my color: NE08. I think this might have something to do with the face that I bought mine in China, maybe this is some special shade for Asia? I am not sure. But anyway, here I am presenting to you: Maybelline Neo Nude in NE08.

maybelline neo nude photo

The packaging is quite simple and basic, nothing really wow here. It is quite solid though.

maybelline neo nude ne08

This is my shade: NE08!

maybelline neo nude ne08

The texture is neither too creamy nor too dry – it’s something in between. I prefer applying this lipstick on a balm but it doesn’t dry my lips out.

maybelline neo nude ne08

Maybelline Neo Nude NE08 is a bright flashy pink with a clear blue undertone. This is a very cool shade. It has a glossy finish.

My opinion:

Speaking of the lipstick and its quality: I have absolutely nothing bad to say here. The lipstick is of decent quality and is definitely not bad even though I prefer more creamy lipsticks. It is not very longlasting but will last a couple of hours. The color…well there I made a big mistake. But oh well.

Overall note: B.

Okay and here’s what I’m talking about. Not my color at all!

maybelline neo nude ne08 photo

I think for this color your skin must be at least a bit tanned. It may also look good on blondes…:)

maybelline neo nude ne08

 I decided to do something fun and actually try it out on me…I used my favorite taaz (I already did a post on this one, it’s an online makeover website). And I dyed my hair blonde! Haha. I actually think this lipstick looks much better with this hair color ;)

annabeautybox blonde taaz photo Sanstitre-1_zpsdf96ef42.jpg