First of all: I am sorry for not posting anything yesterday! There was a typhoon in Hong Kong and it ha d been raining through the whole day yesterday here so we had some problems with internet. This Monday I’ve been to Guangzhou Beauty Echange Market and I’ve bought some fun stuff there (I’ll film a video haul, maybe even today!). So among the st.uff that I bought was also a UV lamp with some gel nail polishes so I decided to try them out yesterday. I must say that it looks easier than it is because you have to make sure your nails are perfect before curing them and I made some mistakes but it was already too late as I only noticed that after my nails were cured. Too bad! But I am still quite happy with the result of my first time! Here it is:

gel nails

I decided to go for a red french with red ring finger and a heart. I think it looks cute!

Also among the good news…we’re going to Hong Kong soon! I can’t wait :)