Every summer I do lash extensions. If you don’t know what it is, it’s very simple: fake lashes get attached to your own lashes one by one this for a longer, fuller look. You don’t have to use any mascara, you can skip eye makeup if you want to because the eyes just look gorgeous on their own! Why do I do it in the summer? Because it’s hot and I don’t know what it is with my eyelids but they get all oily and no matter which mascara smudges quite easily. To prevent that I decided to do this once and I loved it since then!

rouge a levres photo

This is a closer look. They stay like this for about 3-4 weeks then you’ll have to either remove them or redo it. I think many of you now wonder whether it damages your own lashes. I would say no, at least I didn’t notice anything like that and the longest that I’ve worn them was for about 7 months (with monthly touch-ups of course). My lashes were still in the same condition as they were before! There is a little secret though, I kept applying Double Lash serum by Mavala, I’ve talked to you about it in some videos already and I love this stuff! You can also use it on your own lashes to make them stronger.

las extensions photo

The only downpoint is that you have to remove your makeup carefully (no rubbing!), try not to sleep with your face in the pillow and try to avoid oily products around the eyes. That’s it! I must say that there’s something more to me: whenever I wake up, I start rubbing my eyes. I can’t get rid of it! I always do it: al-ways and it’s so annoying because I know how bad it is for the eyelids to stretch them out like that! But when I have lash extensions I don’t do it because I’m trying to be careful! So you could say that it also works as an anti-aging stuff for my eyes haha. Also, I am much more careful with both applying and removing makeup and I really think it’s so much better for my eyelids! Too bad I need extensions to be careful hihi…

I think my lash extensions look really pretty, I am so happy with it:

red lips look photo

Also I did something fun, I told you already that I did gel manicure (kind of a long-lasting manicure) and I used to do french but this time I decided to add little sweet panda’s on my ring fingers. I am so in love with panda’s!

panda manicure photo

Hihi I just decided to share this with you because I think that it’s really cute. I did this in China and my nail master and her colleagues got really excited when I asked them to do it and they took some pictures afterwards. It was fun!

panda nails photo

So this is it for today, just a small update. Do you do any nail/lash procedures?

Have a great day!