I love watching series and our new discovery is Suits. I am so in love with it! It’s fun and sometimes a bit serious. Of course the ladies look gorgeous and I am especially in love with Harvey’s secretary Donna (Sarah Rafferty). This redhead is sharp and knows everything! Haha. So I decided to create this look inspired by her – and this makeup will be perfect for girls with green eyes and/or red hair! So if you don’t watch this series and you don’t know who it is here is a picture for you*:

donna suits makeup

sarah rafferty suits donna

In one episode she was wearing an absolutely gorgeous makeup with sparkling yellow and red eyeshadows. And that was the look I was inpspired by! Here is my result:

redhead makeup photo


Before doing the eye makeup I did my eyebrows and applied an eyeshadow primer.

false lashes photo

Step 1.

After prepping the eyelids I decided to use the yellow shade from Sleek Original palette. It’s really nice and sprakly!

sleek original palette photo

Step 2.

Then I went for a nice reddish shade and applied it in the outer eye corners, in the crease and above it (as my eye lids are slightly hanging I created new crease just above mine) and on the lower lash line. This color is perfect for green eyes and red hair, it will make your eyes pop out!

makeup for green eyes photo

Step 3.

To soften this eyeshadow I added some matte medium brown in the eye corners and on the outer 1/3 of the lower lash line. I also added a beige colored eye pencil on the waterline to neutralize any rednesses.

green eyes makeup photo

Step 4.

At last I blended the eyeshadows out, added some concealer and a highlighter in the inner eye corners.

makeup for red hair photo


For the face I used my Dior forever powder and the medium shade from Sleek palette as a blush.


For the lips I went for a warm pinkish beige.

And this is the look:

donna suits makeup photo

List of products I used:




  • Guerlain Rouge G in 02 Gardenia – link

* Source: Google Images (“donna suits”).