I am always looking for good moisturizing products for my face and so I’ve heard about a brand called Skinfood. This is a Corean skincare and makeup brand. Their slogan says ‘Delicious Cosmetics Made of Delicious Foods’. And that’s right: all of their products are based on natural ingredients. This is surely not an organic brand but I like this concept. I decided to start with this mask because the description sounds really good and because I love the bananas! So here it is: Skinfood Banana Yogurt Mask!

skinfood banana yogurt mask photo

Products description of Skinfood Banana Yogurt Mask:

Unlike many other Corean or Asian products, this one actually has a product description in English. A huge plus for me! It’s so nice to know what exactly it’s supposed to do! Without having to ask someone else to do the translation, haha.

skinfood banana yogurt mask ingredients

You can also see the ingredients on the picture above. You see that’s why I said that this brand is definitely not organic: cyclomethicone on the third place. A silicone! It also contains parfum so beware those who are allergic to it (and it contains a lot of parfum: it has a really strong sweet adorable banana fragrance, I love it a lot! I would almost eat this mask). What else do we see in the ingredients? Parabens, dimethicone, lactose, glycerin, disodium EDTA…and some natural extracts.

Speaking of its texture: it is quite liquid and oily, as I said is has a lovely banana smell and little granulas. I like this texture, it’s nor too thick neither too liquid, works perfect for me.

skinfood banana yogurt mask

My opinion:

I love the smell! It has a sweet banana fragrance very lovely. This mask containt some silicones and parfum but despite that it doesn’t cause me any breakouts and does its job very well: my skin feels smooth and hydrated and most importantly: this effect lasts! I apply it twice a week now and I love it! As this is the first product of Skinfood that I bought and I liked it I am eager to try out something else. But if your skin is reactive to silicones and/or perfume I think you should better avoid this product.

Overall note: B+.

Where you can buy it: