Normally I don’t really care about bio products, products with natural ingredients (I’ll tell you even more, I think that natural ingredients are much more allergenic), mineral makeup and other stuff. But I keep my mind open to anything so I try some organic stuff from time to time, or the products that claim to be natural. I’ve had experience with mineral makeup once before and I was really disappointed. This time I decided to go for a deodorant: I thought it would be something ‘safe’ to try and besides it was something I’ve never tried before and I was sipmly curious.

crystal mineral deodorant

You can’t really see the description pretty well so I decided to type it here:

Crystal Body Deodorant is made of Mineral Salts which eliminate odor y leaving an invisible an invisible protective barrier against odor-causing bacteria. It is fragrance free and can be used by both Men and Women. Crystal Body Deodorant can last up to a year of daily use.

crystal mineral deodorant

So the packaging looks pretty the same as all basic roll-on deodorants. There is one essential difference though: inside of this one there’s a huge mineral stone. The concept is really funny: you have to make it wet before applying. Then you just use it as a normal roller. Pretty easy! This is how the stone looks like:

crystal mineral deodorant

My opinion:

Well I was really enthusiast at first: this stick will last you really a long time and you only need a little bit of this product. But my disappointment grew as I kept using this product: the protection is mediocre besides I feel like it makes my skin really sensitive. Too bad, I had such good hopes for it!

Overall note: B-.

Crystal Body Deodorant Stick Ingredients: Ammonium Alum (Mineral Salts).