When I saw this cute little packaging I couldn’t resist! This is uber-cute and I decided why not try it? I use a lot of hand creams as my hands are super dry so I knew I’d use it up anyways. What am I talking about? This cutie Dodo House Hand Cream:

dodo house hand cream

Dodo House is a Korean brand, I’ve never heard of it before. I spotted this product at Jiangnanxi shopping mall in Guangzhou.

Then I opened it up…well what can I say. The first thing is the smell: it is quite strong! It smells really chemical, like some really cheap hand cream. I don’t smell any lemon (this cream is supposed to be a lemon hand cream). It hydrates a little bit but it’s more a cream that works as long as you don’t wash your hands. As soon as you do your hands will feel awfully dry again.

My opinion:

My verdict is that it’s a really bad quality product in a super cute packaging. Nothing more, nothing less.

Overall note: C.

Where can you buy it:

I bought mine at a shopping mall at Jiangnanxi, Guangzhou. I am not sure if you can buy it somewhere else or online.