This week was not like all others: starting Thursday there were big celebrations of Mid-Autumn Festival. This is a harvesting holiday that is celebrated on the full moon end September-begin October.

Every evening in our yard I saw a group of women practicing for some dance performance. I wondered what exactly it was for and it turned out it was for the holiday celebrations! We had a stage and a concert in the yard of our apartment. It was really a nice dance and I filmed a small part:

China is quite a chaotic place: there are many people in the streets, you see street food merchants, racing motor bikes fulled with stuff…


One day we were looking for a taxi and there was no one free so we took this. It was so funny!

I know it’s quite cold already in Europe but here it’s still very hot! So shorts and a T-shirt is my go-to look :)


Another funny moment: I love mangos and here they are actually alive hihi. They even have eyes! Ow I know I should have taken this picture upside down, but oh well.

What did you do this week?