Blackheads are a really huge problem for a lot of girls. As it is my problem! My pores are not really huge but as my skin is dry/dehydrated at the moment (it’s finally adapted to the subtropical Chinese climate…1.5 weeks before our departure :D), it’s really hard to get rid of them. So I was looking for all kinds of possible ways to cleanse the pores and get rid of the blackheads. Normally I am not a fan of nose strips or alike products as I think they’re kind of useless…at least the ones I tried. I bought this product hoping it would be some spot treatment gel but I was wrong. You could say that this is a set for making your own nose strips at home.

green tea watsons

In the set there is a liquid and paper tissues cut out to match perfect the nose shape. You have to make one such tissue wet and then stick it to the nose for about 5-10 minutes and hope for a miracle.

green tea watsons

The whole packaging is in Chinese except for the name so I can’t tell you what it says. But I think the idea is pretty clear: it should help you get rid of the blocked pores and blackheads. The moment I applied it on my face I felt the tingling sensation, I think it contains some really active and aggressive ingredients that I feel them working directly after application. It stays that way for the whole time so you have to make sure you don’t keep it on longer than 10 minutes!

My opinion:

I love this stuff! I was quite skeptical in the beginning but the second I removed the tissue I was amazed! The pores really look much tighter, cleaner and my skin looks whiter! You can see the result especially well on the cheeks where the tissue ended: the pores are pretty and clean where I applied this mask and they are clogged where I haven’t! Wow I need to do this more often! A great product and it was really cheap, something around 2.5 euros. I highly recommend this! The only downside might be that if your skin is really sensitive this might be too harsh for you.

Overall note: A+.

Where can you buy it:

I bought it in Watsons in China.

Now the time for the pictures. Here’s my bare face just after I washed it:

blackhead cleansing

Here is with the mask applied:

green tea watsons

And here is the result. Amazing isn’t it?

how to get rid of blackheads

I placed the before and after photos here side by side so you can see the result better:

blackhead cleansing