Actually I wanted to upload a video today. But as you know, there was a big hurricane around Hong Kong yesterday and as we’re close to it, I think it also touched us. I mean, I didn’t see anything unusual (luckily) but what I did experience today was a really slow internet connection. So, no video today! Also, I filmed an empties video today and decided to go through my makeup as we are leaving soon and I need to pack my bags. Then I re-discovered this beauty: the most luxurious lipstick I’ve ever owned, Guerlain Rouge G.

 guerlain rouge g photo

So, why is it the most luxurious lipstick that I’ve ever owned? Because of its packaging. It is really different from all others that I’ve ever seen. It is a tube but when you open it up you’ll see a double mirror in it:

guerlain rouge g

This makes the packaging really heavy and I know a lot of girls don’t like it because of that. But I think it’s really handy as often I want to touch up my lipstick but I don’t have any mirror. So in this case this is just perfect!

Guerlain Rouge G 02 Gardenia

guerlain rouge g gardenia 02

So my Rouge G is in color Gardenia 02. This is a nice pinkish apricot color.

The lipstick has a nice texture, it applies nicely and is pretty smooth, not too dry. It doesn’t dry my lips out at all.

guerlain rouge g gardenia 02

My opinion:

I like its smooth coverage and the way it looks on the lips. It hydrates them a bit and it’s pretty comfortable to wear. It definitely is on the pricy side but look at the packaging! It’s gorgeous. I don’t know if Gardenia has been discontinued as I can’t find it anywhere online but there are many other shades that are really pretty!

Overall note: A.

Where you can buy it:


Here is Guerlain Rouge G in 02 Gardenia:

guerlain rouge g gardenia 02

And here is the full look:

 guerlain rouge g

What do you think of Guerlain Rouge G?