Today is our last day in China! Tonight we’re taking the plane and go back to Europe! We’ve spent a bit over 5 months here, had some great and lesser moments…in the end, I am very happy about our time here, it was such a great experience! Maybe one day we’ll come back but for now I will remember only great moments!

China is a country with great history that goes a long way back. You can find many ancient temples here. I’ve never been to a Buddhist temple before, I was amazed by the way it goes there! We’ve been to Hua Lin Temple in Guangzhou, it is very beautiful.

hua lin temple guangzhou photo

There’s always burning sticks outside a Buddhist temple:

hua lin temple guangzhou

And Golden Buddha statue. Beautiful!

hua lin temple guangzhou

In China, there’s always many people, chaos, it’s never calm, always moving, something’s going on, plenty of shops and commerce!

guangzhou photo

Another impression of a typical street in Guangzhou!


Huge commercial TV!


And this is it! Now we can turn the page and open a new chapter and I can’t wait for it :)