I remember the time when we had only one computer and modem Internet. I was allowed to use it from time to time and not for too long. Only 10 years later Internet is on our phones and I can’t imagine my life without my laptop anymore. Yesterday we had to format it and reinstall all the programs and data today so this day I spent like in good old days: drinking some milk oolong (this tea is so good!), reading magazines and dreaming. What do I dream about? I love traveling so I dream a lot about different places on earth, how I would like to go there and feel the difference. Wat can be better? Here are some places I have on my to-do list:

  • New York
  • Yes I would love to go there! It’s almost like I’ve been there before, we see it in so many movies, series and news reports but I would like to go there myself and actually see it with my own eyes. Taste the real American hot dog, huge pizzas and feel the atmosphere!

  • Australia
  • Say hello to kangaroos! Hihi I know this is such a huge prejudice but I’d love to go there where everything is upside down, summer is winter and winter is summer, swim in the ocean and try not to think about sharks and beasts…then be happy I survived it and take a nice yummy cocktail on the beach.

  • Japan
  • The land of technology, discoveries, a great different culture, museums, temples…I can’t wait to visit this kawaii country!

  • Caribbean
  • Oh yeah. Life is good man! Just enjoy and relax and vanilla babe haha! Take 10000 of Laguna beach sea sun positive pictures, that’ll drag me through the sad rainy days!

Voilà my vacation travel dreams :)