This week was all about moving back home. We were preparing the last stuff before our come back, tried not to forget anything and set everything in place. Finally, the departure day came! When I travel, I usually don’t bother wearing makeup. Here I just did my eyebrows (essential thing for me!) and applied some lip balm to keep my lips hydrated.


Tadaa! All set and ready to go!

china annabeautybox

We were early when we arrived to the airport. I love arriving early, that way you are sure you have enough time to look for where to go, take care of your luggage and drink a cup of coffee. I discovered a new drink at Starbucks and it’s really good! It’s called mocha salted caramel. I looooove salted caramel and the drink itself has kind of a chocolatey taste. Yum!

starbucks mocha salted caramel

This is the first arrival picture! Recently I’ve been completely into the curls. I discovered some nice alternative ways how to make them (as I don’t have my curlers with me now, I have to experiment). So I think I’ll film a couple of hair tutorials soon!


Voilà the quick resume of my week. What kind of fun things did you do?

curly long hair

What kind of fun things did you do?