I was pretty surprised when I saw little pieces band aids everywhere in China. Of course, I got curious what it was. And what do you think? These tiny little tapes help you get rid of hanging eyelids! So today I will show you my discovery: a way to do a non-surgical eyelid lift!

Here are some tips:

  • never wear any makeup before applying these – they just won’t stick!
  • find the perfect spot for your crease before application
  • use small tweezers to apply these with

The before and after photos are pretty amazing. The result is wonderful to my mind! Here I used double sided tape:

how to get rid of hanging eyelids

And here I applied some Koji eyelid glue:

how to get rid of hanging eyelids

Where can you buy the double, single eyelid tapes and glue?

I bought mine in China, they’re sold everywhere here. You can get them at Tmart (free worldwide delivery). You can also order them at Sasa.

Voilà I hope this video is useful, don’t hesitate to ask me any questions!