BB creams got popular really fast. They were first booming in Asia, then got over to Europe and America. Now all brands have BB creams. But as usual, the progress keeps progressing and now we have a new product: CC Cream. So what is a CC cream? Is it an upgraded 2.0 version of a BB cream? Or is it a completely new and innovating product?

Let’s talk about names first, it will explain a lot already. BB cream: BB stands for Blemish Balm. So it is a cream that helps you fight acne. Almost all of the BB creams promise to do the following: hydrate your skin, whiten it, protect from sunburns, make your skin look better. A CC cream, or Color Correction Cream is a cream that will correct your skin tone. So BB cream and CC cream are 2 products with difference purposes. But all this is a theory. What do we have in reality?

For real I can tell you this : no BB creams that I tried actually helped me get rid of acne. It didn’t do anything about that whatsoever. Even not the ones that were made specifically for problem skin. If you want to get rid of acne, you have to take care of your skin: do the masks, cleanse your skin properly etc. A BB cream is an alternative for a foundation or a tinted moisturizer. Now you can find them in all kinds of textures (light, with almost no coverage), colors (from almost white ones to quite dark ones)…we have a lot to choose from.

Speaking of CC creams, all of them that I tried/tested were of different shades/textures. Which is completely in accordance with color correction logic: you always use ‘weird’ shades to do that. Green helps you get rid of rednesses, pink makes your skin fresher, orange/yellow makes your skin look less greyish. So what do we have in the end? There’s nothing new about CC creams. The ones with ‘weird’ shades are the good old color primers. Givenchy made those ones for years (I think this line was called ‘Acti’mine’). The CC creams with ‘normal’ shades are no different from BB creams.

So what do we have in the end? The marking departments of the brands are constantly doing researches and surveys and want to find out what people want. If there is demand, there will also be supply. I’ve got a great example on this one. I bought an umbrella in Hong Kong. On the packaging there were 2 signs, one with umbrella and rain drops and the second one with UV. I think you get what I mean now. I’m not saying color correction concept is bad, on the contrary it can do wonders sometimes. There’s just nothing really new about it, at least not in the CC creams we have now on the market.