When we were in China my skin started to break out. Badly. I was in desperate need of good products. Through the years I developed a small skincare theory: I thought it was best to use local products because as I thought, they were adapted for the climate and other conditions. We lived in Guangzhou, a big industrial city in the south of China, with hot and humid climate and polluted air. My skin was not used at all to climate like that: I was born in Russia where it’s hot in the summer and cold in the winter, but the air is dry. Then I lived in Europe (Holland, France) where the climate is quite dry, too. Obviously, my skin had hard times getting used to sudden changes. Due to my skin problems I figured “Why not try some Asian products, maybe they will work better?” So I went to the local SaSa store (a huge department store with lots of different brands) where I found AHA mild chemical peeling and deep cleansing soap.

aha esthetic soap photo IMG_2633_zpsc6af015f.jpg

The box is made of plastic and is filled with soap. Mine is green, but as I’ve seen on the website they can be of different colors (pink, black). I picked one with AHA acids, it promised to do a mild chemical peeling and deep cleansing.

aha esthetic soap photo IMG_2644_zpsb0fcf93f.jpg

This is how it looks in the packaging, just as a normal soap. The easiest way to apply it is using a sponge: that way it will foam quicker and you can easily apply it on your face. (you can also use special tools like this one or a konjac).

I am not sure if there are a lot of acids in this product or not but I do know that it dries your skin out. Anyway, if you are using products containing acids you have to be careful: always use a sunscreen and make sure your skin gets enough hydration. Other wise you will dehydrate it and you don’t want that. So why I went for the soap with AHAs? Because they are known for cleansing your skin deeply, doing this everyday peeling effect and reducing wrinkles.

My opinion:

I must say that my skin did get cleaner after I started using this soap. But as my skin is very sensitive, I have to be really careful with it and use it every other day. This may be not the best cleansing product I’ve ever used, but it did help me with my problem! Now I use it every now and then to maintain the result.

Overall note: B.

Where you can buy it: