Chapped lips can be really a huge problem. I can get so incredibly irritated when my lips are dry and not smooth, I can’t wear any lipstick as it will not look good, and that dry feeling is just driving me crazy the whole time! Well, luckily for me, I found my chapped lips remedies years ago. Let me present you the best lip balm for dry lips: Purol!

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I discovered this lip balm back in high school in since then it has always made a part of my stash. I always have a pot (if not two of it)! Nevertheless, I still try out other lip balms and none of them comes even close to Purol.

purol lip balm photo

So what is it?

Here is the description (in Dutch) and the ingredients list:

best solution for dry lips

Purol makes the lips smooth and soft. It can also be used on dry patches, for very dry skin and even with small wounds. You have to clean it first, then apply Purol and band-aid if needed. it can also be used for babies.

Purol is a thick (very thick!) balm. It has quite a strong scent which I like but I might imagine some would think of it too strong. It looks brownish in the pot but it actually is pretty transparent once applied. It hydrates the lips instantly! And the result is pretty longlasting.


My opinion:

I can’t live without it! This is seriously the only thing that works for my lips! And this balm is my beauty secret, the thing that keeps them smooth, hydrated, full. It has an instant calming and soothing effect. You should try it out!

Overall note: A+++!

Where you can buy it:

Here comes a little problem: this is a Dutch product and I was buy it in the Netherlands (at Kruidvat). I did some Google research and I did find some online shops that sell it, too.