It’s been some time since I posted any mask reviews! As you could have read, I am in Moscow now, having a great time with my family! That’s why I post everything with a delay but I hope that you understand! We come back on Wednesday! I will upload new videos next week, too.

I still have some ‘stash left-overs’ here, stuff I took with me on previous trip but decided to leave here. I decided to go through it and I found some interesting things. My skin feels a bit tired and even though I found a new absolutely awesome hydrating cream, I felt like it needed some extra hydration. What can be perfect in such situations? Right, a sheet mask! The one I found was Danahan Babyface Mask.

danahan babyface mask photo IMG_9988_zpsb01db559.jpg

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any decent description on the internet. The mask’s description is in Korean:

danahan babyface mask photo IMG_9989_zps8bbc4fd8.jpg

But now I know how the sheet masks work: you have to open it, apply it on your face, keep it for 15 minutes and then remove it. Very easy!

danahan babyface mask photo IMG_9992_zps95307b61.jpg

As usual, the mask is a bit small for my face: my nose is not completely covered. Oh well!

My opinion:

First I didn’t like the smell: it smelled a lot like alcohol. Then I got used to it: it is fresh and smells a bit like pomegranate. I think this mask is lifting and whitening rather than soothing and hydrating. Nothing special, but it is a nice relaxing mask and my skin looked good after I’ve used it.

Overall note: B.

My face after Danahan Babyface Mask:

danahan babyface mask photo IMG_0005_zps09c41034.jpg