It’s been a long time since I posted a nail article. Basically ever since I bought my gel nails set I’ve been using it every time I did my nails. But recently I decided to make a pause, let my nails rest and try something else out. I love French manicure and I’m lazy to do a basic nail polish manicure (it takes ages to do and dry and the nail polishes chip very quickly and easily on my nails). I’ve seen cute nail sets, the kind you have to stick onto your nails with a glue. But after some thinking I decided to go for an even easier nail tool: Essence French Click & Go Nails.

Essence French Click & Go Nails photo IMG_9957_zpsa131e306.jpg

Essence French Click & Go Nails: Product Description

Essence French Click & Go Nails photo IMG_9953_zps1bb312d4.jpg

On the photo above you can see the back side of the packaging, the product description (in German) and ingredients. Basically the concept is very easy: these are nails that are already painted and pre-shaped, the only 2 things you have to do is choose the right shape for each nail and then stick it directly onto it. This sounded really easy and I liked how the nails looked like in the box so I decided to try them out.

Essence French Click & Go Nails photo IMG_9963_zps7ff7d758.jpg

I must tell you that I didn’t read the packaging well enough. I thought this was a standard nail set. Imagine my surprise when I came home and found out there are only 12 nails in it, almost all of them were of different sizes and shapes! Which meant that you either have to buy 2 packages or walk around with different nails. First I hesitated to go and buy another packaging directly but then I decided to try them out anyways. Seriously, I am happy I took that decision!

Essence French Click & Go Nails photo IMG_9969_zpsc251b4e0.jpg

The nails are easy in the application: you only have to press them onto your nails. Make sure you spot the right place where you want them to be: once applied, it’s impossible to move them around and it will look ugly (look at my middle nail: it was impossible to lift it up a couple of millimeters so there’s a lot of space between my cuticle and the applied nail).

Essence French Click & Go Nails photo IMG_9970_zps8d31ec51.jpg

The nails look very fake. Even from a distance.

Essence Click & Go Nails photo IMG_9982_zps3a4c79b4.jpg

I thought of it as of an easy and quick way to get my nails done. But this…I think it looks really ugly! As if it was yet not enough, they stick too well in the middle (it was really hard to remove them!) but not on the outer parts. That makes them stick out a lot from the nail so every time I touched my hair it got stuck to the glue applied to these nails. Ugh!

Essence French Click & Go Nails photo IMG_9983_zps587d8383.jpg

My opinion:

A huge disappointment! Even in the dark and from a distance you can tell that they are fake! Generally, I like Essence a lot (affordable prices, decent quality) but this product must be avoided. Beware!

Overall note: F-!