This is not the first time that I featured this product: if you remember in spring I posted my top 5 of drugstore lip products and this lip pencil was one of them. This product is so great that I decided to buy 3 other colors and make a separate post for it. Here it is, the best drugstore (and not only!) lip pencil ever: Essence Lipliner.

essence lipliner swatches

The packaging is very simple and it’s definitely not a high-end product if you judge just about the packaging: there’s no brush, no point sharpener, the pencil itself is made of basic wood with a plastic top. Pretty straight-forward and yet…it does the trick.

essence lipliner swatches

I have Essence Lipliner in 4 different colors: 07 Cute Pink, 06 Satin Mauve, 11 In The Nude and 05 Soft Berry.

essence lipliner swatches

Here are the swatches for all of them.

Overall opinion:

I will not be afraid of saying it…this is my favorite lip pencil…ever! Yes that’s true. And it’s very simple: it’s texture is so soft, almost buttery (not! greasy), it is so easy to apply. It glides smoothly over the very delicate skin of my lips and why is this important? I told you so many times now that if you want your lipstick/lipgloss to last and last, the trick is to apply the lip pencil first and color your lips in with it. That way you’ll have beautiful lips throughout the whole day. So as you can guess, I use this trick a lot and it’s really important for me to make sure the lip pencil is soft enough. This one is!

Overall note: A.

Where you can buy it and price:

I am not sure about USA and UK, I bought my Essence Lipliners in the Netherlands, you can find them here in shops called Kruidvat. Essence is not available online yet.

Let’s go on to the photos. Here are my bare lips so you can compare the other photos to it:

essence lipliner

Essence Lipliner 05 Soft Berry

Soft Berry is a color of dark cherries. It’s more of a winter color for me.

essence lipliner 05soft berry

Essence Lipliner 11 In The Nude

In The Nude is a quite light orangy nude, pretty nice and wearable color.

essence lipliner 11 in the nude

Essence Lipliner 06 Satin Mauve

Satin Mauve is a dusty rose color.

essence lipliner 06 satin mauve

Essence Lipliner 07 Cute Pink

Cute Pink is a quite bright berry pink.

essence lipliner 07 cute pink

Have you tried Essence Lipliners?