When you are looking at a girl, what is the first thing that you see? The eyes, right. There is so much hidden in a person’s eyes…the soul, life, emotions, feelings…everything! You can say a 1000 words with your eyes. But eyes are not only important for other people: you see all the beautiful places, people and stuff with your eyes. So yes, the eyes are really important! And it will be the topic of today’s article.

When you see everything well and you don’t have any problems with the eyes – well it’s easy. But what if you do have problems? What if you noticed that you don’t see the thing that good anymore? What should you do? Well of course you should go visit a doctor first. But after you’ll have an important decision to make: what should you choose: glasses or contacts?



Glasses are the easiest way out. You punt them on and voilà you see things clearly again! I started to notice differences with my sight when I was 17 or something like that so it didn’t bother me but I know it can be really a big deal for kids or even older people. There’s no drama there really! Wearing glasses is in at the moment, there are so many cool and trendy ones!


  • Easy
  • You buy your glasses once and they will go along for many years
  • It can become a part of your style


  • Some people don’t like the fact that you’ll have to look through the glasses and you see things as if they were framed
  • Good glasses cost a lot of money
  • It’s not easy to do sports wearing glasses
  • Your makeup will be less visible

contact lenses


Contact lenses is a different story. You’ll have to choose them well: I only managed to pick the right ones with the third try. My very first ones were the “basic” ones. I had a feeling like there was something in my eye all the time, it was impossible to go around like this. Besides, I had a lot of trouble with putting them in and getting them out. So I stopped wearing them. Then I choose day & night ones, but I felt them too well in my eyes too. Finally I choose ones that you throw away after two weeks. I am happy for now! We’ll see how it goes. Anyway, it’s better if you find a good doctor that can help you find the right contact lenses for you. That way you won’t feel them at all and it will be a pleasure.


  • You can look in all the directions without any frames
  • Invisible for other people
  • You can change your eye color if you want


  • Wearing contacts is having a weird subject in your eyes all the time: some people are afraid of it
  • It may be hard to put them in and get them out in the beginning
  • You have to choose the right ones for your eyes otherwise you light feel them
  • Monthly costs

I hope this article will help you choose between glasses and contacts! Good luck!