We are in Moscow right now! If you didn’t know yet, I am Russian and was born in Moscow. Then I moved to the Netherlands, then to France. We lived in China for the past 6 months and went back to Europe then. I haven’t been in Moscow for quite some time now so we decided to go on a 2-weeks family trip! I missed this place I must tell you! It is very different now and changes a lot: so many shopping malls, even more people and cars…You can find anything here.

The famous Red Square! Too bad the sky was so grey!

red square

Before China I always thought that there were too many people here. Now it seemed like there was almost no one! Weird! Oh and it’s so nice walking around and having people talk language that you actually understand!

kremlin moscow

What I also like about Moscow: food! I mean, of course the food is very good in Europe. But it is a bit different here: this is the only place where you can eat pelmeni, kotleti or blini. Yum! Haha, I’ll think about my kilos later.


Voilà a little update!