Dark under eye circles. This is a problem there’s (for now) no solution for. Except for a good concealer, of course. Nevertheless, I’ve been searching for a different, more permanent solution, for quite some time now and even though I haven’t found anything that would work, I still have some hope. So of course, I couldn’t resist testing My Beauty Diary Dark Circles Intensive Care Eye Mask.

my beauty diary dark circles intensive care eye mask

This mask is in the lower right corner. I’ve had it as a bonus with my All in One set.

My Beauty Diary Dark Circles Intensive Care Eye Mask: Product Description

My Beauty Diary Dark Circles Intensive Care Eye Mask is enriched with Vitamins and natural extracts, which can intensively repair the eye area, making it look more radiant and supple. The dark circles can be removed. It can also moisten the eye area.

So actually this description says that it’s more like a repairing mask for the eye area, it doesn’t say which ingredients make sure the dark circles will be removed. Strange.

My opinion:

This mask didn’t have any effect on the dark circles whatsoever. I was a bit disappointed but on the other hand, it was something I could expect. I would say this mask is more hydrating and repairing. It does this job quite well: my under eye area felt smooth and hydrated after this mask, the “dry” feeling was gone. But unfortunately this effect didn’t last long, I still needed an eye cream and I’ll tell you even more: I find my eye cream more hydrating.

Overall note: C.

Where you can buy it:

sasa (Dark Circles Intensive Care Eye Mask, All in One Set).

This is how bad my under eye circles are. As you can see, my under eye area is quite dry, too: there are some dryness wrinkles.

My Beauty Diary Dark Circles Mask

Here I applied My Beauty Diary Dark Circles Intensive Care Eye Mask. The easiest way to apply this kind of masks is to start with the outer eye corners. First apply it there and then apply the “tails” of the mask on the eyelids and the under eye area.

My Beauty Diary Dark Circles Mask photo

And here is the result. Half of the dryness wrinkles are gone and the under eye area looks much more hydrated but that’s it, actually. No dark circles removing effect!

My Beauty Diary Dark Circles Mask

Do you know any mask (cream, essence…) that removes dark circles?