Question of this week:

Hi Anna! I wonder, when you discovered acne did you do a check with gastroenterologist or only with a dermatologist?


I was quite young when I first discovered acne (I was like 12 or something like that). I must add that I never suffered from severe form of acne, it was more a couple of pimples here and there. Of course, at that time this was a huge disaster for me, but nevertheless it was not that bad. So I went to a dermatologist and followed everything he told me to do. Later on I did a check at a gastroenterologist but that was due to the different reasons.

I think that teenager acne is a common problem and if a child has some pimples here and there there’s no need to do a full body check. Just go to a dermatologist and follow what he says to do. If on the other hand the acne is quite severe or you got acne at older age, that’s a different story.

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