Question of this week:

What can I better use for my hair: a mask or a conditioner? Can I use them together?

If we’re talking about a mask and a conditioner from the same line, there is no need to use them both. A mask will be more concentrated and contain more nourishing, active ingredients. I use the following scheme: 1st time I wash my hair I use a mask, the 2 and 3d times I use a conditioner, then a mask and so on. This way my hair is nourished in an optimal way. Too much nourishment is bad, too. You might see the opposite effect if you’ll use just a hair mask all the time.

If we’re talking about a hair mask and a conditioner in general, I see it like this. A conditioner is a light balm that basically detangles my hair and makes it smooth. The mask does the “real job”.

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