This BB cream is one of my recent favorites and probably the only BB cream that I like a lot. I think it has a lot of features that other products don’t. When I first applied it on my skin, I was a bit disappointed as it felt thick and gave this glowy finish that I don’t appreciate a lot. But after a couple of minutes it dried up and my hand started to look gorgeous! It was not completely matte but had this healthy look with not too much shine, it was smooth and flawless and I wanted to touch it again and again…that’s right, I was sold and decided to take this baby home. Ladies and gentlemen, let me present you Skin79 Hot Pink Super Plus Beblish Balm.

Skin79 Hot Pink Super Plus Beblish Balm photo IMG_3447_zps0d3f323c.jpg

It comes in a nice pink carton box. I love the color!

Skin79 Hot Pink Super Plus Beblish Balm: Product Description

On the back of the carton box there’s the description of what this BB cream is supposed to do.

Skin79 Hot Pink Super Plus Beblish Balm photo IMG_3449_zps7af642d9.jpg

The BB cream is in a huge (there is 40g of product in it!) hot pink tube. It has a built-in pump system, very handy! The only downside is the…size. It is so huge and heavy, quite a trouble to take it with you on voyage.

Skin79 Hot Pink Super Plus Beblish Balm photo IMG_3453_zps6cf9d295.jpg

On the backside of the packaging there are the explanations again. Quite handy actually, I tend to force myself to throw away the carton boxes right away and sometimes when I am writing an article, I need the product description but can’t find it as it stayed inside the box which I threw away.

Skin79 Hot Pink Super Plus Beblish Balm photo IMG_3454_zpsb78410b5.jpg

So, from all of the above we saw that the main features of this BB cream are supposed to be:

  • whitening
  • UV protection (SPF25 PA++)
  • wrinkle improvement.

Let’s take a closer look to the ingredients. The most important ingredients are the first four (they have the highest concentration in the product) and in this case we have water (of course), propylene glycol (oh-oh…this is an organic alcohol derived from mineral oils, its main function is to moisturize the skin; the downside is that it can cause skin irritation and some even say it’s toxic), cyclomethicone (silicone, helps skin look smoother) and dimethicone (another silicone). Doesn’t look too good! If we look further, we see titanium dioxide (SPF), almond oil, arbutin (vitamin C), some plant extracts. Summing it all up: it has silicones, acids (phytic acid), parabens and fragrance. So this is definitely not some kind of a natural product!

Skin79 Hot Pink Super Plus Beblish Balm ingredients photo IMG_3451_zpsac6429e3.jpg

Speaking of the shade, this BB cream comes in one shade only. As all Asian BB creams are, it is very light, it is a neutral beige shade.

skin79 hot pink super + bb cream photo IMG_9903_zps2a12913d.jpg

Here I blended it out. As my skin is very light, too, it seems invisible (but it is not) and blends completely:

skin79 hot pink super + bb cream photo IMG_9908_zps90cdab8d.jpg

My opinion:

This BB cream gives a medium-full coverage, is perfectly blendable and buildable, pretty invisible, hydrating and lightweight. It looks glowy when you apply it but it dries up after a few minutes, the finish is then semi-matte, natural and healthy. You don’t have to powder it off as it is a long-wearing product. The shade is just perfect for me and my very fair skin! My skin feels and looks good whenever I wear this BB cream. It does clog my pores a little bit though.

Overall note: A-.

Where you can buy it:



  • moisturizing
  • SPF
  • good coverage
  • longlasting


  • contains parabens, silicones, perfume

Here is my face with only my day cream applied:

skin79 hot pink super + bb cream photo IMG_9893_zps7b8132b1.jpg

Here I applied one coat of Skin79 Hot Pink Super Plus Beblish Balm (no concealer so don’t mind my pimples, my skin has been acting weird lately):

skin79 hot pink super + bb cream photo IMG_9915_zpsa7f2055e.jpg

Another shot:

skin79 hot pink super + bb cream photo IMG_9919_zps266f01f6.jpg

What is your favorite Asian BB cream?